www.myfood.jp The Face of American Food in Japan

In June-August, myfood highlighted features on U.S. beef, California walnut, Independence Day, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s (ASMI) event, American BBQ, and All Day Breakfast Seminar that we held in Osaka in July. The Close-Up Interview page featured the Japanese actress Ms. Natsuki Kato, who participated in our talk-show at the “American Nuts Café” on the Nuts Day, July 22.

In the June-August edition, myfood’s recommended recipes page featured meals using ingredients fresh fruits, nuts, Alaska seafood, and All Day Breakfast recipes.

Eat & Drink:
The “Eat & Drink” page introduces visitors to restaurants and shops in Japan featuring American-style cuisine and American food and drinks.

News & Topics:
This section continues to provide information on local restaurants, recipe contests, and in-store promotional activities for U.S. foods. From June through August, the page featured several announcements, including a press release about the Nuts Day event “American Nuts Café”, as well as press releases from the U.S. Rice Federation, U.S. Meat Export Federation, U.S. Potato Board, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and Napa Valley Vintners Association.

Prize Campaign:
myfood’s popular prize campaign attracts thousands of people to apply for a gift every month. Gifts include sample products from cooperators, U.S. food importers, USA Pavilion trade show exhibitors, and participants from other U.S. food promotional activities organized by ATO Japan. A case of grapefruit from the Florida State Department of Citrus was given to 5 people in January, a set of chocolate and snack for the Valentine’s Day from U.S. food importers to 12 people in February, a set of goodies from FOODEX exhibitors to 10 people in June, and a set of nuts and dry fruits from “American Nuts Café” participants to 10 people in August.

Special Banners:
Large banners in the bottom of the top page featured special topics from a variety of Cooperators. On the right, there are banners to link to the Embassy and USDA related websites/blogs.

Keep in touch:
There are several ways for you to be an active part of this website.

If you are an agricultural industry organization and want us to highlight your industry and and/or a generic U.S. commodity;
If you are a state or regional organization and want us to promote groups of non-branded agricultural and fisheries products from your state or region;
If you are a farmer or a rancher and want to talk about how proud you are of what you produce;
If you are in the foodservice or retail business and want to talk about American culinary cultures, while promoting your restaurants or stores;
If you are a culinary writer who wants to contribute an article about U.S. food or cuisine to myfood.jp;Press Release